Friday, July 24, 2015

Girls, let's talk about... #Makeup: MaxFactor Foundation by Ellen Betrix

Girls, let's talk about... # Makeup : MaxFactor Foundation by  Ellen Betrix

I started to use little bit of makeup in age of 15 - 16 (and, yes, it is possible to survive teen-age without foundation and heavy makeup... at least back then).
In that time, in the stores, there was a tinted moisturizer cream from Nivea in 2 shades.
As I have never been supporter of heavy makeup, this cream served me for years as a good ally in the fight against my pale face skin tone. Then this product had become too greasy for me and had not fit me anymore.

As a young girl, I used L'oreal powders, exclusively liquid ones.  
Back then, Max Factor makeup seemed to me too heavy for the skin.
They advertised their products as "makeup for professional makeup artists" ;) .
However, once I tried
MaxFactor Foundation by  Ellen Betrix.
Since then, there is no other in my makeup bag.

My skin is mixed to greasy (especially the T-zone). I have medium sized pores. The skin is pale,  and I have freckles and occasionally, a pimple or a zit.

This powder in shade SAND Nr. 2 fits me perfectly.  
Covering is excellent and face is not getting the effect of the mask. 
Plastic bottle has 35ml of powder, and it lasts very long.
Shade is well-adjusted to tan and the skin accepted and absorbed it pretty well.
It's pretty steady on face.
After several hours, occurs to me that the skin becomes a bit greasy, but I do not know if that have something to do with the fact that I do not use makeup primers or stone powder to fix the liquid one. I'm pretty simple in terms of make-up and therefore I need to be realistic in terms of some defect (because it is possible that they can be avoided or mitigated).
Given the fact that this is a drugstore cosmetic, quality is excellent compared to the price.
Advantage is also the availability of products on the market. 



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